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RestartSMART Program Outline

Private Consultation (Initial pre-course discussion)

A private no-obligation meeting with our facilitator to preview the program, its contents and benefits. At the end of the meeting potential participants will have a clear idea if this program is suitable for them.  RestartSMART program facilitators also assess suitability and provide recommendations to potential participants.   

Group Size

RestartSMART groups are limited to 6 participants per program. Bookings are essential - contact our program manager for program timetables in your area.


RestartSMART programs are held in private meeting rooms in various locations. We provide a friendly, relaxed business-like environment, making it easy for you to meet and talk with others.


Our facilitators have been hand picked for their life experience, and have recieved specialist training in business loss and recovery. By becoming part of a group of people who have experienced a failed venture, you will feel less alone, and gain a sense of belonging and acceptance.  You will have greater insight into yourself and others, united in a common goal to accelerate personal recovery. There is plenty of opportunities for group discussions, excellent information topics and practical tools for participants to take away.


All participants of a RestartSMART program sign and abide by a privacy and confidentiality agreement, providing a safe environment for people to share without concern.

RestartSMART Session Topics

1. Remaining in control

In session one each person identifies their current position and takes a closer look at their personal business descent, identifying the changes that have taken place, whilst being encouraged to embrace a journey for recovery.

2. Managing financial pressure and fatigue

Participants gain insight into the connectedness of financial pressure and the associated unwanted changes that occur in times of financial loss, whilst adapting strategies in which to reduce fear and manage anxiety.

3. Recognising the ripple effects

Business and/or financial loss affects not only what is going on within us but also our external lives. In this session participants focus on the flow on effect, and the challenges placed on relationships, income and wealth whilst being given insight into effective management.

4. Hitting rock bottom or bottoming out?

In this session participants take a closer look at the power of their thought life and are given practical strategies to help manage feelings of despair and worry whilst being challenged to realign their personal happiness goals.

5. Creating your personal roadmap to recovery  

Participants gain an opportunity to start mapping their business and employment future, gaining an understanding of the different recovery pathway options that will assist their recovery process.

6. Confident decision making

In this session participants are introduced to an advanced decision-making framework helping them to rebuild confidence in future ventures. The way we do business is at the core of ethical business behaviour and underpins a sucessful recovery. 

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